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The Spine

Many people will experience back pain of some description at some point during their life, for this reason I have chosen to right a quick blog about the anatomy of the spine and various pain generators within. This should help people better understand the range and possible causes of their back pain. In its most basic description the spine is made up of blocks of bone, known as vertebrae, stacked on top of each other, with the head at the top and pelvis at the bottom.

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Peripheral Neurology

Many people present to the clinic complaining of both a central problem, e.g. low back, and a peripheral problem, e.g. leg pain, with many presuming the cases are linked together, in this scenario via the sciatic nerve. However sciatica is one of the most commonly mis-diagnosed symptoms seen in practice, after all ‘true’ sciatica is symptom that something is going on closer to the central nervous system.

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Proprioception, Reflexes, Buckling and Injury

Having recently completed a course in manual muscle testing, which had a focus on assessing the muscle during eccentric loading (while the muscle is lengthening), I was left with a number of questions unanswered or partially answered. For this reason I went away and did some digging around!

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